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#1 03-09-2020 10:41:56

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Hi and welcome,

To launch this english forum, I'm going to give some details about the first game published by Armaludis, Chaos 2D6 Duel Edition, and its making.

But first I need to introduce myself: I'm Cyrille R. W. Chaussepied, Armaludis founder. I'm a multimedia artist (graphist, musician, web developer...), a free/libre culture supporter and I have been enjoying doing that for a long time (30 years as a graphist and musician). I have always liked many kinds of games (RPG, board games, video games...), as a player in a first time then as an author - the first one I designed about 30 years ago was a sci-fi RPG smile

Noting game concepts and drawing imaginary characters from time to time, the idea of publishing free/libre games using only free/libre softwares and resources made its way until 2018. I then founded Armaludis and started to work on Chaos 2D6 during my spare time. The complete making (game system, rules, logo, avatars, Chaos cards, Avatar sheet, box prototyping...) was spread over one year. The main softwares I used are the following:
- Operating system: Trisquel GNU/Linux Mini (;
- Word processing: LibreOffice Writer (;
- Graphic creation for characters study: GIMP (;
- Graphic creation for logo, avatars, avatar sheet, box... : Inkscape (;
- Web browser: GNU IceCat (

Note: regarding web searches, engines respectful of private data were used, namely DuckDuckGo and Searx (, I also used Qwant but I discarded it given the disastrous 2019 audit of the french Interministerial Digital Directorate (DINUM) - source: … elon-dinum.

From the beginning, the goal was to make a pocket-sized game with simple rules, whose games could be fast. For this first game published by Armaludis, I opted for a game of chance; the 2 6-sided dices are used for everything: Attacks (ATT), Defenses (DEF), Chaos draws, etc. So there is no need to have a high level of practice to win. As an example, I was beaten several times by 6 year old children... and it was a lot of fun smile

For the rules, I have developed a game system based entirely on the use of 6-sided dice. Nothing new here, systems of this kind already exist (ex: D6 System). So it was not a question of reinventing the wheel but of having something much simpler, the finality not being to make a role-playing game ... So I made a draft that lasted a few pages, the next steps consisted in simplifying while keeping the idea of the draft rules. I ended up with an adequate solution for Chaos 2D6 that I called Sweksys, name based on the common Indo-European root swéḱs which means 6 - thanks to the Wiktionary ( - and on the abbreviation of the word system, "sys". The advantage is that this game system can be used as a solid and modular base to create other games, thus I released it under Creative Commons BY-SA license (Attribution-ShareAlike) here.

Once all the elements had been designed, it was time to go on to the actual manufacturing. I studied several options, from almost all handmade to 100% made and packaged by companies. Providing myself all Armaludis financial needs, the question of the budget dictated many choices from the start. So I opted for a more or less intermediate solution, also taking into account the time factor: quality printing of the avatars, Chaos and box at a local printer (specializing in packaging), bulk purchase of additional material (dice and eraser pencils) and packaging by myself. In the end, a quality Limited Edition has been released (in french only unfortunately, fair price is 22€, you may order it here) and a free/libre version is also available.

So much for this introduction... If you want to know more about Armaludis or me, feel free to post your questions on these forums (ask for registration by sending an email to By the way, a free/libre english version of Chaos 2D6 Duel Edition will be released sometime soon, as well as an english version of Sweksys.


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