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Chaos 2D6: a game of twists and turns - [ FR ]

Card combat game

Chaos 2D6

Fun and quick to learn, Chaos 2D6 Duel Edition is a game for everyone, available in Free/libre Version or Box Set Edition.

The game opposes 2 players each playing a character among 12 types of fighters whose goal is to defeat the opponent. Once the first victory is achieved, win 5 more fights with the same character to make a Titan, immortal fighter who can in turn join the Pantheon of Eternals.

Some dice throws make randomly draw Chaos, powerful cards that add or remove powers... Duels with guaranteed twists! The games can be very fast, perfect for a friendly moment over a drink, with the family or in a bar! Thanks to its small size (12.2 x 9.2 x 3.5 cm), Chaos 2D6 fits in your pocket, handy to accompany you anywhere.

Chaos 2D6 has been made with the following free software: : Trisquel GNU/Linux Mini, Inkscape, Gimp, LibreOffice Writer.

We commit ourselves to give a percentage of the sales of the Duel Edition Box Set to the developers of these softwares.

Presentation of the Chaos 2D6 Duel Edition Box Set (professional quality printing and finishing, available in french):

Présentation Chaos 2D6



Sweksys - [ FR ]

First game system published by Armaludis


Sweksys is a simple game system based on the use of 6-sided dice. It was originally designed for Chaos 2D6 but, given its modularity, which makes it a practical tool for developing various types of games (whether combat games or more broadly board games), it seemed appropriate to adapt and share it. It is available under a Creative Commons BY-SA license - an english version will be available as soon as possible, contact me if you would like to help with the translation.

Sweksys is intended for the design of games opposing several players. It includes a method of drawing characters that are grouped into categories and have features or traits (2 by default, but there can be only one or as many as needed). Using dice rolls, those features are used to determine the score of each player's character.

The common element for categorization and number of characters is the ratio to the number 6. This ratio can also be applied to peripheral elements that can be added to Sweksys-based games (cards, miniatures, etc.).

Sweksys has been made with the following free software: : Trisquel GNU/Linux Mini, LibreOffice Writer, Inkscape.

Download Sweksys (FR)