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Lockdown Special Offer

Date : 19 november 2020

To cope with the second wave of the Covid-19 epidemic and the ongoing lockdown, change your mind with the game Chaos 2D6 in Special Offer: 19.21€ including shipping via La Poste (instead of 24.21€). Delivery also possible via Mondial Relay, all details on the order page (FR).

Free/libre software: Free your creativity

Date : 07 november 2020

The first Armaludis video, entitled Free/libre software: Free your creativity, is now published on a Peertube instance run by Psiade. It is also available for download here (CC BY-SA).

Pteraxys Part.1

Date : 06 november 2020

The piece of music used in Armaludis' first video is available under a Creative Commons BY-SA license. Entitled Pteraxys Part.1, it is a 1:35 mn instrumental created by Cyrille R W Chaussepied (composition, guitar, bass, programming, mixing). It has been made and recorded entirely with the free softwares Audacity and LMMS (as well as some plugins and synths available for these softwares - built-in, LADSPA, Calf...). Audio file available in 3 formats. The video, entitled "Free Software: Free your creativity", is being published on a Peertube instance, more details soon.

Chaos 2D6 English version

Date : 06 october 2020

The English version of Chaos 2D6 is currently being translated and will be available very soon under a Creative Commons BY-SA licence.

Forum registration

Date : 16 september 2020

For those who wish to register on the forums, a dedicated form has been set up. All you have to do is fill in the username of your choice and your e-mail address to send your request. You will then receive a password to log in to the forums - a password that you can change in your profile afterwards. With this system, the activation of your account will be done quickly and ... spammers stay out =) Registration form is here.

Changing the graphic theme of the site

Date : 07 september 2020

To finish with the current modifications, it is now the graphic theme of the site that is getting a new look. Sobriety always for this theme more relaxing for the eyes, with darker shades.

Armaludis website and forums in English

Date : 05 september 2020

The site is now available in English. This version offers you, non-French speaking visitor, access to the activities and resources of Armaludis. It has been supplemented by an English version of the forums so that you can also join the discussions in progress. Welcome to Armaludis!

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