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Free/libre game design and publishing - [ FR ]

Designing games with free/libre software

Founded in 2018, Armaludis is a non-profit organization whose goal is to design, produce and publish free/libre games using only free/libre software. Armaludis is led by Cyrille R W Chaussepied, a multidisciplinary artist and user of free/libre software, whose playful enthusiasm naturally complemented the approach.

As of April 1, 2021, the activities of Armaludis are put on hiatus.

Armaludis releases:

Chaos 2D6
Chaos 2D6 Duel Edition, a 2 player game available as a free PDF version (published under Creative Commons BY-SA license) or as a full Box Set Edition.

Sweksys, a simple game system based on the use of 6-sided dice, to be freely downloaded (published under a free Creative Commons BY-SA license).

Futur releases:

As of April 2021, all Armaludis developments are on hold.


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Discontinuité... en général

Date : 1er avril 2021
Les activités d'Armaludis sont en pause...

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Downloads - [ FR ]

Armaludis free games and files

Below are Armaludis free files to download. Games, high definition graphics, videos, music... the list is regularly updated (unless otherwise stated, all files are published under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 license - Attribution, ShareAlike).