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Armaludis is a non-profit association, founded in 2018, whose goal is to create and publish free/libres games, made with free/libre softwares. For each of our games, the list of softwares used is available in the rule book. As long-time users of free software, we commit to donate a percentage of our sales to the developers of the softwares used, once our manufacturing costs are covered. Our game design activity officially started in 2018, but our experience in this field spans many years.

Our creations are mainly oriented towards board games and are simple to handle, to have fun quickly without having to swallow complex rules. Our games are mainly played using specific cards, character cards and dice.

In addition, all communication elements designed to publicize our activities are carried out internally. This can be the website, graphics (illustrations, flyers, posters...), videos, music and any other type of support that we consider appropriate. In the same way, all these elements are made with free software (Trisquel GNU/Linux operating system, Inkscape, GIMP, Audacity, GNU IceCat...) and are freely downloadable.

The organization of meetings, game design workshops and tournaments is also part of the activities we wish to develop, to federate a community of enthusiasts around free/libre games. If you wish to exchange around games, ask us your questions, take part in one way or another as a game creator, player or a free culture enthousiast, you are welcome: the contact page and our english forums are at your disposal.

We are located in Pouhinec, in the Morbihan region of Brittany, France.

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